17 April 2009

gate 20

This was by my gate at Heathrow airport.


James Lancett said...

This is my favorite!
i love the colours, and that man make me want to know who hes on the phone too maybe he saying goodbye to his mum?

i tried to do some drawing at the gate when i went seeing as im going my project based on my hate of air ports and terrible fear of flying, but i was to nervous to produce anything of and talent lol

im back in wales again now, to go to a cattle market! to draw not to buy a cow.
so ive got home food again!!!!!

hope your well

Marta Dlugolecka said...

back in wales???
dear me, did i ever told ur a lucky one? :)

oh yeah, i remember, u mentioned the other day that u'r not too keen on flying. how strange-i'm completely opposite! i actually do enjoy it a lot.
haha, and u know what? it's quite funny but i'm also doing some kind of airport/flying related project atm. it's gonna be a manual of "how to survive at the airport" for those who fear, just like u.

ps.if it goes well, u might get a copy, just for ur own safety ;)

oh, and what's this cow-business all about? final project or reportage?