24 May 2009

very evil villains

Here's a sample of what i did ( with a "little" help of James Lancett and his magic camera) for my FMP this year.
I created a gang of the most evil villains of all times. Some of them represent real bad boys, others are just characters from literature/film etc.
(they're all tiny, approx. finger size)

mao tse-tung
billy the kid
dr evil
wicket witch
george w bush


Hannah Evelyn said...

ace! i loveee them! nice photos too :) x

Joely said...

I think Mao is my favorite! haha


lotte said...

these are beautiful! xoo

Anonymous said...

I love your work it's really interesting. I like the way you make these and the characters too. Great work!

Marta Dlugolecka said...

thank you dear :)

Anna Jouli said...

i wanna eat them all, very cute...

Marta Dlugolecka said...

oh thank you!
see, u can also check out my website and there u can find some new versions of them
take care