26 November 2009

making of "A Shelf Life"

I've just finished an animation project I've been working on with two amazing people: animator Joe Sparrow, and illustrator Justine Howlett.
The story is about Superman in a public library, where something goes wrong....
The whole thing was done using stop-motion technique, along with a bit After Effects.

here's the team:
Joe Sparrow- animation, story development and sound
Justine Howlett- set design and lighting
Marta Dlugolecka- character development and model-making


agata said...

It's so amazing! I love it.
I'm very proud of You
Your little sister
x x x

Castro Smith said...

this was great,
i was suprised to see justeen HIDING!

Castro Smith said...
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Marta Dlugolecka said...

hmm, but the only person hiding in here was actually me :)