21 February 2010

woods and silence


To said...

Hey Marta! I found you on Dazed + Confused and I really like your work. Would love to collaborate with you in the future!

James Lancett said...

I want to collaborate toooooooo! :)

Marta Dlugolecka said...

oh that's so lovely! thank you, i feel really flattered :)
and yeah, collaboration would be a great thing to do! looking forward to hear more from you soon then :)
take care

ps. james, we already collaborate, don't we?

Joe Sparrow said...

not to jump on the bandwagon here but I wouldn't mind collaborating in the future again for some more animation.

Marta Dlugolecka said...

Joe, that would be a great pleasure!

Johanna Urban said...

Hi! Love this! The colour is just wonderful!