9 July 2012

RCA Show and Convoction

Last Friday I had my RCA Convocation, yay!
It was held at the Royal Albert Hall and it was truly amazing and I hope to come back there some time soon.
Also above are the photos of my bell jar installation I made for the show. It represents a 3D version of a spread from a book, The Recyclables and depicts a Spirit of Nature trapped under the layers of landfill rubbish. It even had little lights for the fire bit and inside the Spirit's "cave" but unfortunately it doesn't show properly in here :(


Emma Collins Ba (Hons) said...

I love this so much ^^

Kate Slater said...

It's beautiful Marta! I was really sorry I couldn't make it to your RCA show, would have loved to see your work. Congratulations anyway!

Marta Dlugolecka said...

oh thank you guys! that's so sweet of you both and im really glad you like what I do :) xx