25 November 2013

7 Secrets of Santa Claus by Adam Zabokrzycki

7 Secrets of Santa Claus by Adam Zabokrzycki
It's finally here!

I created a book cover illustration, title design and inside illustrations for 7 Secrets of Santa Claus by Adam Zabokrzycki. 
It is a lovely childrens picture book, constructed of 7, fully illustrated stories, where each one reveals a little bit of Santas' secrets. 
Commissioned by Siedmiorog, a prominent Polish publisher.

The following pages are a small selection from the book (pre text!).

Available here:

                                         Soft Cover                                                      Hard Cover 


Emma Collins Ba (Hons) said...

Aw! It looks wonderful! You make such wonderful characters!

Marta Dlugolecka said...

:) thank you!

Emma Collins Ba (Hons) said...

Anytime :)